‘Same Love’

Written by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Same Love is a song written and rapped by Macklemore. Same Love is a true, empowering and compassionate song. This song is about the issues of gay and lesbian rights in the world and the societies we live in today. It was written in the time of the Washington Referendum 74, which was to ‘approve or reject’ same-sex marriage in the state. This song helps speak for the people and groups in society who are too scared or unsure about whether they should accept and support a change that has many different opinions and perspectives on it as they would be thought to be different because they agree or support gay and lesbian marriage. Ben Haggerty (Macklemore) when he was in the third grade decided that he was gay or a homosexual as he was artistic because he liked to draw, his uncle was in a relationship with another man and was tidy. This is shown through the lyrics “When I was in the 3rd grade I thought that I was gay ’cause I could draw, My uncle was and I kept my room straight” I think this is portrayed to be the stereotypes of a homosexual person in the 21st century and that it’s unfair and just like judging a book by its cover. However as time passes I believe in society we are becoming more, compassionate and accepting.

I would recommend this text because it is an ideal way to represent something that has so much conflict and confusion towards the subject. The song ‘Same Love’ speaks for the people who are too scared or confused to admit that they are as quote the lyrics ‘”Gay” is synonymous with the lesser’ meaning that people misuse the word “gay” to refer to things they dislike or don’t agree with and this is partly influenced by why people disagree and don’t support gay/lesbian marriage and relationships. The song captures the emotion and power of the unspoken issue and puts it into a musical art that is then shared all over the world from the ignorant and uncaring to the confused and proud people. I personally think that by this song being as impacting and influencing as it is that it is a much more positive way to support a choice rather than protests and rallies. I think that it’s a positive thing that Macklemore took a stand as an individual and made a change rather than waiting for someone else to do it. This relates to me in the same way as if I’m not going to work hard and study I’m not going to get a result out of it.

From the first to the last verse of ‘Same Love’ it describes the importance of acknowledging same-sex marriage and the 21st century’s stereotypical views on the opinion. The first verse lyrics discuss the stereotypes of a homosexual. Being able to draw, having other relatives who are and being a tidy-minded individual as stated. Macklemore writes the lyrics “Made-man, rewiring of a predisposition playing god” in order to relate his opinion of homosexuality being biologically driven and by trying to change this would be like trying to be God. This is ironic as these same people who would otherwise condemn “playing God” to be a sin are doing exactly that. I personally think that this closed-minded to not accept and change and a difference in a society and that we should be more accepting not just in society but in the world.

In the second verse he begins to talk about commenting and ignorance with online behaviour due to the fact people will say anything behind a computer screen. It’s easier to type something on a computer than it is to say it to someones face. So suddenly people are not afraid to say what they think.This is demonstrated through the lyrics “Have you read the YouTube comments lately? “Man, that’s gay” gets dropped on the daily” This is admitting how the word gay has its 21st century meaning of ‘bad’ ‘sucking’ or ‘not being very good’ instead of the same or happy. I know I have been guilty of this in the past which is a demonstration of how we have become so numb to what we are saying. This makes me think why people in society are so unaccepting and understanding towards people in need of help and instead reject and ignore them.

Last of all the bridge of the song. And I can’t change, Even if I tried, Even if I wanted to. My love, my love, my love. She keeps me warm. She keeps me warm, She keeps me warm, She keeps me warm. This again connects the fact that homosexuality is not a choice and they can’t change something that is unchangeable. She goes into the fact that her partner gives her love just like any other heterosexual couple. “Same Love” is “Love” no matter who is giving it and who is receiving it.

This song is something special the gives off love power and emotion. It is a song I genuinely get power out of and love the way it is written. It tells a true story about the world we live in today while conveying a critical message about accepting same-sex marriage in society today that is being ignored and conflicted.


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  1. Well done for including your personal reflections throughout this response. If you wanted to, you could consider reflecting specifically on the overall writer’s purpose for details in this song, however, you have included a number of relevant and interesting details to discuss. Good work.


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