My close friend Ben and I were trick or treating downtown. Downtown was always a mob scene on Halloween only because the houses were so close together meaning more candy for the amount walked. Ten O’clock was always the time things really started to die down and by ten thirty we were really the only kids still out trick or treating. By now only one in ten houses would open their doors at this hour so we call it quits with the trick or treating and decided to just mess around, it was a Saturday night after all. As called it quits a lone person in a clown costume was walking really, really slowly from the blackest fog in the distance. This was a proper clown costume too, the makeup was insane, from the slit mouth smile to the bloodstained boils. It was a horrifying costume. We both giggled and screamed in reaction but ultimately walked away. We went to a nearby park to goof around with the Halloween essentials, spraying silly string and shaving cream all over the playground. We weren’t the first, however. Strands of silly string littered the playground along with shaving cream smudged on the bathroom walls of the park spelling out profanities. We hung out on the playground, Ben pointed out to beyond the dark horizon to reveal two clowns walking towards us, one of them the same clown from earlier. I didn’t think it was possible but this second clown was even more disturbing than the first. The first clown appeared now appeared to be wielding a long spear-like object, they approached us both really, really slowly. The funniness of the situation quickly diminished as they got closer and closer. Then, out of nowhere, they charged us, we ran in different directions. One of the clowns were chasing me, out the park and down the street I ran. I didn’t know the area too well so it was like finding a needle in a haystack trying to find my way back to Ben’s house. I ran all the way there, I must have lost the clown on the way back because he was nowhere to be seen. I called Ben to let him know I was in his backyard, he was panting for breath, he had told me he is on his way here now. Ten minutes later he arrived, we collected ourselves inside, gathered our thoughts and discussed what just went down. After we calmed down we could laugh about it, devouring our faces with candy collected from earlier. We hung out in the living room, lights off, TV on, playing some Xbox one. Ben got up to go to the bathroom and quickly ducked back down, he pointed to the window and told me to “shh” and immediately turn off the TV. when I asked why he told me there was a clown out there, I didn’t believe him, so I looked out the window myself. He yelled “don’t” but it was too late. The clown outside of the house looked right dead-eyed at me straight through the window. I slammed the curtains closed, I looked directly into Ben’s eyes and told him there was a clown on the other side of the window. Ben’s parents weren’t home so telling them wasn’t an option, so instead, I turned off the lights and ran for the upstairs bedroom with Ben following close behind. We looked out the upstairs bedroom window and the clown had gone, vanished. In fact, we never saw either of those two clowns again, but the next morning as walked home I found a rubber nose stuck to the handle of the door, I texted Ben and he replied “It was obviously placed there with the intent to scare you”, It worked.  The rest of my day was as per usual and this horrifying even just became an old story.

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