Rudy Steiner: Timeline

  • Rudy meets Liesel and immediately befriends her.
  • He also immediately proclaims his romantic love for her.
  • They become friends and join an apple stealing gang together.
  • When a bully tosses Liesel’s book in the Amper River, Rudy saves it for her and asks her for a kiss for the last time.
  • Rudy begins having problems with the sadistic leader of his Hitler Youth troupe.
  • After said leader breaks his ribs, he is able to move to another troupe.
  • He wins races in the Hitler Youth carnival and draws the attention of the authorities.
  • The authorities show up at his house and want him for an elite Nazi school.
  • Rudy learns that his father is going to war, so that Rudy doesn’t have to go to the school.
  • Rudy and Liesel put bread on the road for the Jewish prisoners headed to Dachau.
  • Rudy stops Liesel from chasing after Max as he’s being marched to Dachau with another group of prisoners.
  • The next day, Liesel finally tells him about Max and shows him his own picture in Max’s book.
  • Rudy dies when Himmel Street is bombed.

Rudy is one of six children in the Steiner family. He is proud and fair. His love is devoted to Liesel Meminger. Rudy dreams of wanting to be Jesse Owens.

Rudy Steiner significant to the text because he is the perfect german boy. He

Rudy is the perfect Arian boy, blonde hair blue eyes, everything that was seen to be great and ideal in the german youth. He was obsessed with the black African American athlete Jesse Owens, Hitler and Nazis didn’t like this because it didn’t agree with his theory of developing white supremacy. Rudy resists the Nazis and “hates” Aldolf Hitler. Him and Liesel could be said to be partners in crime,


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