Liesel – Young Girl, Age of 9-15, Goes to foster family (Hubermann). The Book Thief. Stong,
Hans -Foster father of Liesel Meminger (Papa), Quiet, gentle, loving and very subtle.
Rosa -Foster mother of Liesel Meminger (Mama), Rough outside but loving inside, firm and strong. Always wants money for her family.
Rudy – one of six children in the Steiner family, proud and fair. Is in love with Liesel, wants to be Jesse Owens.

Liesel is weak and the beginning and grows stronger as her life progresses. She’s faced with a strict foster mother who is firm and not very loving but that love is replaced in love by her foster father Hans, and a gentle, loving and kind and would do anything in his power for Liesel. Her Brother Werner is taken from her at a young age on the train on the way to Munich with her mother Paula Meminger who leaves Liesel to grow up without parents. Liesel is know by the name ‘The Book Thief’ she is determined, loving and eager to learn how to read, she loves books enough to steal them, and to steal them from fires and from the mayor. Liesel’s best companion is Rudy Steiner, who has ‘lemon’ coloured hair and who is in love with her.

Hans Hubermann or otherwise known as Papa is Liesel’s foster father and married to Rosa. he is compassionate, loving and strong hearted. Death describes this to us about Hans. Quote: ‘To most people, Hans Hubermann [is] barely visible. An un-special person. […] Somehow […] and I’m sure you’ve met people like this, he was able to appear as merely part of the background […]. He was always just there. Not noticeable. (1.22)’ This tells us that ever so subtly Hans is there, always. He treats Liesel as a daughter and best friend. He plays the accordion in his spare time and always finds the light, even in the darkest of situations.

Rudy Steiner: Rudy is a soft soul, a passionate, fair and adventurous character. He has been shown to have hair the colour of lemons and to have grown up with five other siblings and both parents. Rudy aspires to be Jesse Owens, the fastest man alive during WW2.

Rosa: Rosa appears cold hearted, strict and very mature.

For each character, include what we learn about them at the beginning of the text. Include quotations that support this presentation. Then include how the characters develop as significant events/changes occur in their lives (again include quotations to show these ideas). What occurs in their lives to cause these changes? Lastly, include what characters’ dialogue, actions, and behaviours teach us about them? What do these details also show about people or human nature in general?

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