Legalisation Of Marijuana.

Into Thin Air tells the story of the disaster in which several climbers died on the slopes of Mt. Everest in 1996, as witnessed by Jon Krakauer, a journalist who is also one of the climbers to reach the summit that year. Led by Rob Hall, one of the most highly respected climbers in the […]

Things fall apart Okonkwo Personal Response In the novel ‘Things fall apart’ by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo is portrayed as an extremely driven and respected man. Okonkwo has a few bad flaws; his obsession to be the opposite to his father and his uncontrollable temper. All of his hard work and excellence comes to ruins when […]

Analyse how language features revealed the writer’s purpose in the written text(s). Plan = In the text ‘The Book Thief’ Written by Markus Zusak language features revealed the writer’s purpose was colour symbolism. The Book Thief is a novel based on the young life of Liesel Meminger and her upbringing in the city of Munich […]

Rudy Steiner: Timeline Rudy meets Liesel and immediately befriends her. He also immediately proclaims his romantic love for her. They become friends and join an apple stealing gang together. When a bully tosses Liesel’s book in the Amper River, Rudy saves it for her and asks her for a kiss for the last time. Rudy […]

‘Same Love’ Written by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Same Love is a song written and rapped by Macklemore. Same Love is a true, empowering and compassionate song. This song is about the issues of gay and lesbian rights in the world and the societies we live in today. It was written in the time of […]

The first is The Gravedigger’s Handbook, stolen on January 13, 1939, the day Liesel’s brother dies, and the day she last sees her mother. It’s a metaphor being that death will stay with liesel forever and  The book burning scene is important to Liesel, but symbolically, it goes beyond her story. … For the Nazis, […]

Liesel – Young Girl, Age of 9-15, Goes to foster family (Hubermann). The Book Thief. Stong, Hans -Foster father of Liesel Meminger (Papa), Quiet, gentle, loving and very subtle. Rosa -Foster mother of Liesel Meminger (Mama), Rough outside but loving inside, firm and strong. Always wants money for her family. Rudy – one of six […]

What do EACH of these colours represent in these pages? What do they show is taking place? What atmosphere or feeling is created around the characters and events through this colour imagery? What do the colours make you think of? * Include quotations from these pages for EACH colour, to support your explanation of the […]